TEK-UP Problem Solving 2018

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TEK-UP organized the first edition of TEK-PSC (TEK-UP Problem Solving Challenge) in partnership with its club “ACM TEK-UP”.

TEK-UP Problem Solving Challenge is a competition that brings together students from different Tunisian universities during 4 days to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. The program included 3-day training where candidates attended practical workshops and get used to an organized approach to problem solving via codeforces platform. On the fourth day, teams competed for 5 hours in order to solve the maximum of problems among the 10 proposed ones.

More than 100 students participated in this event in a competitive atmosphere.

A special thanks to Mr Hmida ROJBANI, Mr Amine BESROUR, Mr Amine ZAROUANE and Mr Amer HSONI for the successful organization of the event and for the excellent coaching of contestants.

More info on : http://psc2018.//

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