Tunivisions TEK-UP


It is to cultivate leaders within our club by presenting them with complex challenges. We aim to foster a team-centric environment that promotes maximum sociability while delivering positive impacts across various domains, including academics, health, and students’ overall mood at TEK-UP. We plan to achieve this through a series of events, workshops, training sessions, group games, as well as organized group outings and explorations.


  • Leadership Development: Facilitate the growth of leadership qualities through engaging members in multifaceted challenges and developmental opportunities.
  • Fostering Collaborative Environments: Create and nurture an atmosphere that encourages collaboration, team cohesion, and extensive social interaction among club members.
  • Advocating Comprehensive Well-being: Promote positive impacts across diverse spheres, including academic pursuits, health, and the overall emotional well-being of students at TEK-UP.
  • Curating Varied Events and Activities: Curate a spectrum of events, workshops, training sessions, team-based games, as well as organized group outings and explorations to offer a broad range of enriching experiences.
  • Supporting Holistic Growth: Provide avenues for holistic personal development by offering diverse learning opportunities and fostering an environment conducive to individual growth.

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