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Ready for the Engineering diploma (Master of Science) in “Digital Sciences” ?

Digitalization is changing the world. More than 50% of the jobs will disappear within the coming few years except in IT, where the demand will drastically increase.
Industry 4.0 will be followed by Industry 5.0 and both have a huge demand for skills in Systems, Networks, Cloud, Automation, Security, Development, Artificial intelligence, Data science etc and these are exactly our Faculties.

TEK-UP University is the best place to boost your knowledge and competence.
With our catalogue of professional certifications, your Know-How and your skills are tuned and pushed to the highest level.
For the practical part, we have a set of partners: Google, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Redhat, EC-Council, Hack The Box, Oracle, Python Institute, ISTQB, PECB etc.
The years of study are the key to YOUR prestigious success… only if you have patience, motivation, willing and love.

Wishing you a great career

Khaled Jerbi
TEK-UP University
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Ariana, March 2024

Interview with Khaled Jerbi
Founder and president of TEK-UP University

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Is TEK-UP Engineering Diploma accredited?
Yes. TEK-UP is accredited by three international authorities:
1) The Ministry of Higher education of Tunisia MESRS
2) The European Network of accreditation for Engineering Education ENAEE
3) The Tunisian Association of Tunisian Engineers OIT

Is TEK-UP program recognized at international level?
Yes. TEK-UP is recognized at international level. Here the link to TEK-UP university recognition within the European database :

Do TEK-UP Engineers have a valid diploma to work in France?
Yes. TEK-UP diploma is recognized not only in France but all over Europe through the European EUR-ACE label. EUR-ACE label was granted by the Italian agency for Quality Audits for Engineering studies QUACING in 2022.

We hear a lot about TEK-UP worldwide performance in Cyber Security. Is there any indicator for this performance?
Sure. TEK-UP University is a prominent member in the platform Hack The Box (HTB). In March 2023, TEK-UP was ranked first University Worldwide with the best score of the world surpassing around 3’000 universities from over 120 countries.

What about TEK-UP performance in Artificial Intelligence?
Good point. In 2023/2024, TEK-UP students won all rounds of Huawei ICT competition for Intelligent Computing:
1) National Round 1 (TOP 50 among 500 Tunisian)
2) Notional Final (TOP 3 among TOP 50)
3) Regional final (First Prize out of 9 countries, around 3’000 students)
And thus, TEK-UP students have now qualified to the Global Worldwide final Championship in Shenzhen China. Huawei is offering full sponsorship to all three students (flight, accommodation and food).

TEK-UP communicated last year about its performance in the cloud field. Is there any indicator for this success?
Of course. Amazon AWS offered in 2023 a total of 500 prizes to Tunisian students that will reach the best scores in AWS competition. The university which performed best was TEK-UP with its students coming back home with 233 medals.

Is there any performance in the field of Software Engineering?
Sure. Software Engineering is based on Problem Solving. TEK-UP students won the ACM-TCPC several years and were two years in the Arab competition ACPC. One of our students signed in 2023 a contract with Google.

Is it true, that all TEK-UP students can pass any professional certification?
Absolutely. Our students have green light to all international Professional Certifications out of Technology Company Leaders like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, INE, EC-council, Oracle, IBM, Python Institute, Linux Foundation, PECB etc. This drastically reinforces their competence and increases their chances for a great career in an international Company.

What about Internationalization?
Well. Tunisia is a small country. We prepare students for an 8 billion Market, so they can be performing in any international Environment. We have exchange programs with different Universities in Germany, France, Spain and Turkey. Our students are free to move to any country of the world including USA, Canada, UK, etc. Our Diploma being internationally labeled, there is no barrier for our students as free movers all over the world. Every year, around 30% of the cohort is getting involved in an exchange semester. We support our students in the process.

Is there any Scholarship for Elite students accessing TEK-UP?
Indeed. TEK-UP recruits yearly around 60 to 80 students with a scholarship reaching up to 50% of its tuition fees. The selection is based on several criteria, mainly the performance within Baccalaureate and the following two or three years.

Are there any significant milestones within TEK-UP academic year?
Sure. There are some fixed events. Every year, TEK-UP students, teachers, and staff organize the following stops:
1) October: Huawei ICT Competition (Round 1)
2) November: Digital Future
3) December: Winter school (Professional Trainings for Certification Exams)
4) January: Global Game Jam
5) February: Study Trip (Turkey)
6) March: Spring school (Professional Trainings for Certification Exams)
7) April: Digital Congress
8) May: Huawei ICT competition (Global Final)
9) July + August: Summer school (Professional Trainings for Certification Exams)

Is TEK-UP willing to move to Green Energy?
Sure. We already built on TEK-UP roof a system of 180 solar panels that will make TEK-UP fully green. This will cover 100% of TEK-UP needs and this is our contribution to the ecology and to a green clean Tunisia.

What about the war in the Middle East?
Sorry. I need to correct you. This is not a war. A war is between two armies, two air forces, two navy forces etc. What we are witnessing is a crime against unarmed innocent civilians, Children and Women. The destruction of all Universities and education institutions of all levels in GA’AZA is a crime against humanity.

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