Internships give the future engineer a platform to enhance soft skills and to build his career.

During their university course, students are required to complete at least three internships and to validated before the next level, the required internships are as follow:

  • “worker” internship in the 1st year of Engineering Program,
  • “technician” internship in the 2nd year of Engineering Program
  • PFE internship in the 3rd year of Engineering Program.
  1. A “worker” internship of a minimum duration of two weeks during the summer holidays, validated following the deposit of the internship report and an internship certificate bearing the stamp and signature of the company with the internship department, also it must be validated by the Jury which is composed of TEK-UP University teachers.
  2. A “technician” internship for a minimum of one month during the summer holidays, validated by a committee following an interview. Without forgetting internship report bearing the company’s stamp and signature must be submitted to the internship department at the start of the academic year.
  3. End-of-studies project (PFE) lasting at least 15 weeks which takes place during the 9th semester of the Engineering Program. This internship validates 30 ECTS.

Looking for internship

In order to help students to find internships, the internship department organizes an “Open Day” and company meeting which allow them to present their activities to students as well as the PFE to be filled.

Nevertheless, often companies send an email to the Director of Internships in order to propose one or more internships, give the specifications, the proposal is then distributed to the students.

It is also possible to do an internship abroad. The countries in which these internships take place are very diverse (almost all continents are concerned)

Europe: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland,

North and South America: Brazil, Canada, United States.

Africa: Cameroon, Mauritania

Asia: Singapore, Malaysia.

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