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For the fourth consecutive year, TEK-UP organized the International competition of video game development, the Global Game Jam. Thanks to the contribution of its club ‘’TEK-UP Junior Entreprise’’, the 2018 edition was exceptional. The 48-hour event took place in the first Tech-Savvy anti-café in Tunisia, LEVEL 1. TEK-UP Junior Entrepreneurs chose the motto of Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality for this edition. The choice was based on the different facilities offered by the host space including Microsoft Hololens, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, motion capture/ face capture etc

On the first day of the event, some conferences were held by video game developers and experts before the launch of Global Game Jam 2018 theme which was ‘’Transmission” More than 40 jammers gathered in Level 1 and got the opportunity to discover and test AR/VR powerful tools. Besides, all participants have benefited from one free day access to level 1 for 3 persons. The two winning teams gained 10 days access to level 1 for 3 persons as well as 1000 TND worth for Fab Lab use.

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