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Visitor Program/ Student Exchange Program

What is Visitor Program / Student Exchange Program?

Visitor Program / Student Exchange program is a program which will allow you to spend one or two semesters at universities abroad and take courses in a regular semester with credit transfer opportunity. Students are encouraged to study at universities all over the world.

What are the differences between a Visitor Program and Student Exchange Program?

Most students who choose to undertake a Student Exchange program will do so on an Exchange-basis, i.e. students study overseas at one of TEK-UP’s many partner universities for one or two semesters. There is, however, also the option of taking part in a Visitor program, meaning students study overseas at a non-partner university of their choice. Further differences between the two options are explained below:

Student Exchange Program

  • Study overseas at one of TEK-UP’s partner universities which students usually entitled for tuition fees waiver depending on the available quotas

Visitor program

  • Study overseas at a (non-partner) university of your choice which students generally need to pay tuition fees to the host university
  • You apply to the host university with the assistance of TEK-UP International Office and will continue to pay your tuition fees to TEK-UP.
  • Units taken at the host university are credited back toward your postgraduate degree at TEK-UP.

Application Requirements and Eligibility

  1. Registered as an active student at TEK-UP
  2. Must complete at least one-year of postgraduate study in TEK-UP
  3. Should demonstrate excellent academic achievements
  4. Possess a good command of the English Language (the minimum language requirement is B2)
  5. Be physically present in TEK-UP at the time of application
  6. Must agree to enrol at the host institution as described in the program plan
  7. Must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution or placement provider.
  8. Should demonstrate empathy and understanding of cultural difference
  9. Should demonstrate excellent personal skills.
  10. Agree to be responsible for the costs incurred. The students may seek other sources of sponsors including that provided by TEK-UP to subsidize some expenses including travel, accommodation and insurance.

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