Huawei ICT competition 2019:

In September 2018, TEK-UP was part of Huawei ICT competition. We came to the final in Mai 2019 and 3 TEK-UPer champions were able to represent TEK-UP and Tunisia šŸ‡¹šŸ‡³ during one week in Shenzhen China. šŸ†šŸ†

Huawei ICT competition 2020:

In September 2019, TEK-UPers won again. And 3 TEK-UPā€™ers qualified to the regional and we won again so that we qualified to the global final world wide.

Huawei ICT competition 2021:

This edition was Skipped due to COVID.

Huawei ICT competition 2022:

In September 2021, TEK-UPers won again in the national final. Two out of the three who qualified were TEK-UPā€™ers and so we qualified to the regional final. Our students were ranked first and third.

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