Digital future

A yearly congress is taking place every year in cooperation with the German University SUAS.

Right now, 4 editions took place according to the table below. Clicking to the link of any of the 4 editions will bring you to its page which contains links to
– Date and location
– International students attending
– Other universities invited by TEK-UP
– Website of the edition
– FB page of the edition
– Video of the edition

Have a great navigation within TEK-UP’s digital future.

YearCongress editionDate and LocationSite web / URLCultural detailNr of Students
2019Digital Future 1Sousse
16-20 Dec 2019 of El-JEM coliseum54
2020Digital Future 2Schmalkalden
& Gammarth
14-18 Dec 2020 due to COVID conditions62
2021Digital Future 3Hammamet
22-26 Nov 2021 of Marina and see tour on Pirates Boat78
2022Digital Future 4Hammamet
07-11 Nov 2022 on 3 hours marina tour88

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