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Open Doors sat 5th sep 2015 9h - 12h

Learn about what we have to offer at Tek-up The Private High School of Engineering and Technology , Tek-up, organizes this Saturday, the 5th an Open Day with a rich and varied program at the conference center, Technopole-El Ghazela. You will have the opportunity to meet:

  • The teachers of Tek-up
  • ICT certified trainers
  • The students of 2014 and the new students of 2015
  • Technology Industry Professional
  • Specialized Associations

Summer Schedule of TEK-UP students


Intensify Your Summer

If you’re looking for a summer study experience that combines hard work with practical applications and experiential learning activities,

then our program is an ideal opportunity for you. It combines academic rigor and instructional excellence with lively extracurricular

offerings and careful support. The program incorporates internships, Deutsch courses, soft skills courses, training for certifications…

Whatever section you choose, Tek-Up offers to you a learning experience that makes a true and lasting impact while being immersed

in your subject of interest.


Registration procedure


 Here we explain the overall registration process, which consists of pre-registration, registration, and tuition/fee payment. If, after reading the detailed informations, you have questions concerning any procedure, feel free to call 23 814 000.

Pre- Registration

Please fill out the pre-registration form in the registration menu.
Make certain that the given information are accurate.


Once you have completed the registration form, TEK-UP will contact you to keep you informed and invite you to a registration interview.

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