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TEK-UP C Coding Competition 2016

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The C language is the mother of almost all popular programming languages. A reason to learn C is that it makes students fundamentals very strong and helps them pick up easily any other language.

Therefore, as usual, in order to encourage and enhance its students, TEK-UP organized a competition in C programming for its new students (first year of preparatory cycle and engineering cycle).

TEK-UP spanned the theme of “Health and Sport”, giving the students the freedom to develop their own ideas and innovations by using design and critical thinking for 24 hours.

The first edition took place at TEK-UP on the 25th and 26th of November 2016. With the coaching and support of many instructors and third years’ students, the projects were judged by professionals and experts.

The winning group, Khalil Hasnaoui & Radhi Nasser, designed “Tek-fitness” project to help people practice sport through videos, calendars, with many other information to help one keeps fit.